Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy 1st Year Anniversary...

Now is 3.41am in the still waiting for your phone call..even though you did wished me..but I don't feel happy about it. You promised to call...but you did not again..I am used to it already. Is already been a year..I should be happy..why aren't I? I do hope you show up later for dinner...I have been begging you for this dinner..I do hope you will attend...even though I felt that you won't. All I can do now is pray..that this relationship does not end...that is all...whatever I have told you on fb..I hope you see it..and realize...before everything is too late. Although deep down inside..I wish my love for you dies off...but I am confused...I do miss you...but...everything changed...I hope you do your best make some miracle to happen for things to change to be better...good nites...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last time.

To: Tough Sayang

This will be the last time i call you sayang...i am still hoping a call, a text, a miss call, a fb chat, a fb still waiting..i am trying to make you jealous..but u did not even bother...looks like you really given up...i love you sayang...i really hope you love me too...went to abc just now..hoping i can bump into to late to recover alrdy...Sayang eventhough you may not have the hottest body but you have the most awesome heart to love someone not perfect like me...i appreciate it...thank you for all this time... i treasure every moment and time...this is the ending alrdy and i still hope this is just a bad trying my best to wake up now...I love you...Tough Sayang

Awesome loves you Tough

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ni bu yao wo liao ma?

To : Tough Sayang

wo hen siang ni, wo hen siang pao ni, mei yi tian kan zhi ni the if you gonna appear in front of me. ni 2 days mei you msg wo liao...wo zhen de jian tao ren yen ma? wo hen siang kan dao ni. wo bu hui shen zhi ni make me wait alrdy. i can wait..just dont make me wait now. wo zhen de hen sing tong...

Meeting you is a fate,
becoming your friend is my choice,
and falling in love with you is the best ever choice that i will never regret.

where are you? what are you doing? home yet? eaten your dinner yet? i miss you?

Friday, June 10, 2011


To: Tough Sayang

I hope you will see this post before, I really give up. Sayang, I know its been a few days since 4th June 2011, we haven't been talking much. I miss you. I really do. Everyday, everything I see reminds me about you and us. I miss you. I have been busy this few days, trying my best to make my self busy all the time. But every little moment, you pops out in my mind. I miss every little msg you sent to me and you appear in my college. I miss presence. Today I went to UTAR to take my foundation cert, hoping to see or bump into you. I was trying to make my self stay longer so I can see you. Texted you but you are not at school today, I was really disappointed  . Trying to make my self feel less desperate, makes me even more lonely inside. Going for cheer practice twice a week, dance performance, go for group discussion and every single thing just to make my self less lonely. I know I make the moved first, but its because you didn't try to hold me back like you used to. I know deep down inside you, you've given up this relationship or us. I am not complaining, I know your happy doing what you love badminton, swimming, outing, basketball. I am glad you had fun. I know this gonna be a very long way for me to go, but I do hope I can bump into your life once again, like we did on the UTAR stairs. ' A random stranger giving a polite Hi'. I do hope I can be in your life again. Sayang, its been an Awesome time with you this 10 months. It never had been better for me, even the times we argued but I know we still love each other. I know this feeling I had still from the very beginning should end now, but I already gave you all my love I had. I am trying to find my self back. Even with non of your personality, physically or mentally characteristic did not match what I always said I wanted, but you have been the perfect person for me. I just hope you would really try harder and to understand my sacrifices that I've made for you. I've never been perfect, you won't be perfect either, so I just hope you would understand me and appreciate the sacrifices I made for this relationship. The time and effort I put in I just hope you would treasure it. Sayang, even we have been apart now, I hope you would actually find me back. I know I sound desperate, but I am truly am. I've texted you alot of times, but your replies are dull. You said you would text me when you reach home, you texted saying you 'going to shower', after that you just said you are 'going to bed now..tired'. Wo zen de hen siang gen ni jiang hua sayang, wo zen de hen siang nian ni. Wo men hen jiu mei yo liao tian liao. Wo yo hen duo shi zhing yao gen ni jiang, wo de kai xin shi, nan guo shi, wo de seh siao de shi, wo quan pu dou siang gen ni jiang. Sayang! ni ting de dao ma? Wo hen tong gu, chuo mok ni bu hui lai chao still waiting.

I just hope you see this soon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!(:
May this Rabbit year brings everyone closer together,
Success in everything you do,
Good health,
Of course brings wealth,
and Happiness to everyone out there celebrating it(:

I've just came back from my relatives place(: is tiring but I enjoyed every moment of it (: during the eve of CNY every Chinese will go back to their hometown or family to have a reunion dinner. Even if they are not back they must have a reunion dinner on the eve, is a must in Chinese(: the when the 1st day of CNY most of them will go to relatives house which is the father side and then probably to the mother side in the afternoon or evening or the 2nd day. But my family we will go visit to my dad side in the morning and do all the routine like taking pictures, take 'ang pau', greet the elders with good phrase like may you have good health or wealth etc (: The we will be heading down to my mom side which will be my 2nd uncle which is also my Godparents place because I left my grandpa staying at my uncle's place. We go there chat, laugh, gamble, eat and more eating(: everything is about the gathering rather than the money. Btw I haven't even open the ang pau's or the red packets the angmos call them . I like CNY cuz we can gather all together from far or near and chat and laugh our hearts out together(: I treasure this alot.

Pictures will be upload soon(:

Monday, January 10, 2011

No More Foundation

I've finished Foundation In Arts! and Thank Lord I've passed everything (: and now I'm gonna proceed to degree in Mass Communication at UCSI. Hope everything goes well. Everything ends so fast! I remember that time I came in Utar and barely know anyone there and actually I didn't even wanted to go there at the first place. Is so not where I came from, I'm more to a open and loud person..ends up in a place where everyone is so polite. I am too comfortable in the surrounding back in high school with my besties and when a sudden changed to my life, I was scared and grumpy..I expected that I will actually hate it there. But (: people that I meet in Utar totally changed my perspective in life (: people usually thought Utar is full of chinese speaking people, but nope I speak English most of my time there..actually all the time. My groups of friends in Utar have the same mentality or similar thinking as I am (: and we just click (: My prejudice against Utar disappeared(: maybe because I entered the January intake rather than the May one..which I would definitely recommend to everyone (: People there are less stuck up, not spoiled-brat, or even rich kids that likes to show off. Utar isn't that bad after all, most of the people there are just fun and you just got to experience it then you will know it(:

So back to end of foundation life (: I've gone through all my 3 semester and have passed every single one of it(: I am really grateful for that. Life pass by so fast and now I already completed my foundation days and it gonna be a history to be remembered one day. My college friends are proceeding to their respective Universities, like Alyn she gonna be continuing her degree in Utar so far away): gonna miss her silly lame jokes and her very very big reaction giggles hahahah. Rachael,Mun Yan and Luyi started their class in Help already, Lai Yee and Jovina gonna be going to Utar Setapak campus gonna miss Lai Yee alot and Jovina's "please go and die' hahahah (: Stephanie will be staying in Utar PJ campus. So yeah everyone has different aims and will be heading different ways too. All I can say is Best of Luck and I wish everyone will get successful in their respective fields (:

Ms Melissa and some of us in 1st sem
 Clinique make over (:
 Talent Time performance (: -Run Devil Run
 The girls (:
 At Jaya One (: it look like a college photoshoot xp
 The 4 of us (: Love them alot!
 The Amas people (:
 Last day of class ):
My Bday with the awesome people! (:

Thank you guys for such a wonderful, awesome and memorable journey that you guys go through with me in Utar PJ for the whole 2010 (: I'm really grateful to have actually meet all of you guys. Love you guys in a good way xP!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


아파 which means Hurts
but in English the song is called It Hurts.
I love this song (:

Most of my close friends or maybe my facebook friends know that I am IN LOVE with 2NE1 (: which is something that I am really really proud off (: I watch their video over and over and over again..I never get boring XD I even memorized what they did. When I am on the net the 1st thing I usually do is facebook for 5 minutes then I am off to 2NE1 till I'm sleepy. I'm addicted to them! I love all of them CL,Minzy,Bom,Dara (: none of them I dislike...My addiction since 2009 (: . Last year, they actually worked with Will.I.AM from Black Eyes Peas in a couples of songs, and they finish recording 5 songs in 3 days (: I know, they are AWESOME! (: and Will himself praise 2ne1 for such a success in the industry in just a short time. You can actually go check out Will did a shout out to 2ne1 saying he wants to work with them. Is posted by YGLIFEofficial. So yeah I can't wait for their next hit songs (: I gonna be awesome and I bet they will impress  
alot of people out there in the States or even in Asia. Can't wait (: All the best 2NE1! Fighting! (:

CL (chae rin) The Leader

Park Bom The Vocalist

Gong Minji aka Minzy The Dancer

Sandara or Dara The Actress

*all rights reserved to the respective owner of the photo